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The reason I asked was to see what differences in an 04 it would take to make you trade.

Like, what if the 04's came standard with a 95in motor instead of the 88in?

A wet head tourer, ie Road King or Electra Glide?

It seems like the MoCo is flooding the market with 03's. Therefore, what is the plan to sell 04's?


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I'd bet money the '04's will offer several models in 95'' and Paint schemes that should have been offered in '03. I bought an 03 because the price was cheaper than when I was pricing 01's and 02's. Production was extended 2 months and the MOCO is flooding the market with 03's especially the tutone, what's funny is down the road the solid colors will be rarer than the "anniversary tutone", go figure, ride hard and safe
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