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Touring Seat for Dyna Lowrider?

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I am planning on getting a touring seat for my Lowrider that is to arrive in April..So my wife will ride more... I was just wondering if anyone can compare the Saddleman and Mustang seats and possibly the Corbin.... as to which will be most comfortable and best made.... Thanks
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Me Too!

I would like to hear that as well...
I also wouldn't want to ruin the good looks of the bike if I can help it!!
My wife just picked up her 2001 Dyna-lowrider from Corbin [she bought their catalog show bike] with the touring seat and backrests. I rode the bike around a little thought the seat was very comfortable.
Thanks for the information, Bruce..
Another option is the stock touring seat from the FXDXT. I like mine a lot. You can probably find an FXDXT on the sales floor to sit on, they aren't selling too fast ...
Thanks Boismeir.. I have considered that option.. I think I am leaning to the solo and the p-pad option... like the mustang... I am not sure yet... I have to get the bike here then hopefully I can get a better feel of what I want then..

Bruce I hope your wike is enjoying her ride.. also...kinda cool getting the show bike and all..:)

My wifes having a blast. She already is running up a customizing bill at the local
custom shop.

I may go to the Sundowner H-D seat.
Only 260 bucks...
Have to see one on the bike itself, but for that money...may be my best option..
I like the Sundowner also price doesn't hurt either..70's today and still waiting ..:(
One of my wife's co-workers has a low rider and a corbin gunfighter and lady seat that doesn't fit him. He offered the seat to us to try this weekend so I'll report back on Monday.

It is much wider that the stock seat and my wife is excited to have alittle more seat. I've heard that they need to be broken in but are great seats.

Anybody had any experience with this seat?

I'll have a full report on Monday. We plan to do about 120 miles on Sunday so that should be a reasonable test.

have a 94 wide glige with Corbin touring seat

I find it very comfortable & my wife does to.

Takes about thousand miles to get it broken in.
New Seat

I just installed a Mustang 2 pc on my scooter . It is very comfortable. I can go 3 times the distance with out even a slight sore butt. My O-lady loves the back end also.
Hey All... Is the Corbin touring seat more comfortable than the stock seat BEFORE the 1000 mile break in period? Now I'm torn between the Mustang Super Touring and the Corbin! Decisions... Decisions! I have the 02 Fatboy and the stock seat stinks! Actually I'm a bit disgusted with it. I trully believe HD has fallen down in this area! Did I say that? I'm a Milwaukee native, Man! Muchas Gracias, Dan NM
Corbin Seat

Actually the seat felt great from day one. The stock seat was ok for short rides. The Corbin seat I feel i sit in , not on.
Bueno, Rodie! That's what I wanted to hear Bro! Buen cielo, Dan

I may go to the Sundowner H-D seat.
Only 260 bucks...
Have to see one on the bike itself, but for that money...may be my best option..
Well...I got the sundowner...
Much more comfortable for me...LOTS more padding on the back for the passenger also..
I would recommend it...
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