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I'll probably go with the new mount because it will look the best, but going to wait until I know it runs again.

For clarity for the next guy, this is the flat bar relocation kit: https://www.kuryakyn.com/products/4605/relocator-kits

And this is the new mount kit: https://www.kuryakyn.com/products/844/relocator-kit

Of the two, since the price isn't that far off, I'm probably going to choose the second option. It will just look more like it is supposed to be there. The flat bar type I would be more likely to make on my milling machine, but that would take several hours for me to design and crank out.


You mentioned this to me in another recent thread we were both in...I was/still am thinking of upgrading to a 2014-18 FLHTK in part due to the back seat being bigger and wider starting in 14. I'm revisiting the idea of modifying my current bike now to cover all possibilities before making a final decision this weekend (have even looked at and rode a couple 2017 & 18 Indian Roadmasters...pleasantly surprised at the smooth ride and handling...along with the spacious back seat).

In any case, that 1st link you included fits only 09 and newer. I have an 02 and I found these 3 options:




I think I'd spring for the second one if I go this route. Did you end up getting anything on this?
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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