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Torque for Fatboy Risers

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Hi All,

I'm putting some 4" Risers on my 04 Fatboy and need the torque for the riser bolts - anyone with a service manual help?

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I just tighten them and don't worry about torque. It's not a big deal.
This is 2006, so YMMV.

All mine shows are the ones for Springers

Screws (the ones on top I guess) 144-180in lb
Locknuts (Bottom) 25-35ft lbs

How do you like em? Im about to put some on tommorow.

P.S. Get a service manual, the 2006 is really good for torque charts, compared to the 1996 where you have to flip all over.
Thanks for that

They are a lot more comfortable for me but look a little strange, just need to get used to the look I guess.

Service manual on the way but they take a while to get down here,

I picked them up for my wife this morning, she wanted a little more pull back because she was leaning a little.

Damn second one was gouged all to hell on the cap, and the hardware bag had been opened.

Nothing pisses me off more then someone taking something back after they dropped it and then getting a refund and screwing another person out of thier time saying oh its the wrong one.....

They do look like they will pull back nice though and not make apes out of the bars...I hope. I never want to feed another damn heated handgrip wire again as long as I live!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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