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Hi all,
I'm getting ready to put my stock exhaust setup back on my 1998 FLHTC(currently running WB 2 into 1).

I'll be re-installing stock exhaust piping and Khrome Werks Touring mufflers.

My question is: do I really need to buy new TORCA muffler clamps, as my service manual suggests? The ones I have now were only on the bike for about 5000 miles.

Looks like I need four total. I guess if they're cheap then it's no big deal to buy new ones. But they're a pretty hefty clamp.....anybody have any idea how much the dealer is going to charge me for these things? Anybody happen to have the part number? Can I get them anywhere else?

Sorry if I seem cheap, but I'm saving up for my next Harley (2006 model):D


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Looking at my parts manual for 2000 FLT models, the part# is 65283-94
The -94 bit means it'll probably be the same as the ones you need. You'd need to check with your local Harley shop.
Check these guys out.


I wouldn't change them myself if they're still in good shape, up to you.
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