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To swap or overhaul?

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Hey guys, new here, im considering replacing the engine in my 2010 flhtp with a low mileage unit from someone who upgraded. What engines will fit in this bike? It's a post '09 and came from the factory with a 103, but I can't for the life of me figure out which engines will specifically fit.

Of course the old engine would get rebuilt, but I think that might run me more money than an engine off of CL, locally I can get a 2014 engine with "less than 100 miles" for under 2k.

The reason I'm considering just a straight swap is because I really don't need any more power, I'm only after reliability here.

The engine in the bike now has 72k on it, is leaking some oil, isn't all that smooth, and of course makes quite a few ticks and knocks (out of the 3 other 103's I've ridden, mine has the most pronounced noises)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially about actual engine compatibility from different years and touring models.

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Personally... I would over haul and do bear upgrades etc.

I will probably get blasted for my next comment because new motor or not. You will basically end up with the same crap in a shiny new wrapper....

Same bottom end issues with run out, same problems with using bushings instead of bearings, same issues with crank support.

If your after reliability, upgrade your engine for those needs.
07-16 A motors will fit, with some exceptions.

You'll need a dry head motor. And it will need to be a 103 unless you plan on addressing the map in the ecm.
Thanks guys,

Papa Duke: I hear you, and you make a totally valid point that there are questionable decisions involving some of the components in the stock motor.

I'm starting to think this will be more of a temporary motor. I don't have the money to build what I want now, but if I put this new motor in, I will have one laying around that I can casually buy parts for and have it sent out for work. Maybe over a few years, then just pull the replacement motor and put the hopped up original engine back in?

Thermodynamics: thanks so much man, that's what I was figuring but I couldn't find anything to really confirm it. Just need to make sure it's an A motor and I'll be good!
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