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I’ve read many of the EFI forum posts and have come to the following conclusion “it depends”. Therefore I would like your thoughts and ideas.

I wish to purchase one of the two following EFI tuning combinations soon but not both for my 04 Ultra with SE AC & SE Pro Touring Pipes.

Option 1: SERT (Use the stock calibration file #8)
Option 2: DFO & Twin Scan Tool (Tune over the stock ECM map)

Both options provide me the ability to capture EFI data. Cost, computer usage/configuration, and allocating time to actual tuning is not an issue.

My question: Do you think the SERT is a better performance choice, given that I’m currently only changing AC and pipes currently?

I think the SERT is the better (calibration file exists that already matches my parts configuration) choice. However, I might be over looking something in my colored world, besides never being able to go back to the original ECM download without a Dealer reflash. (Noise, EPA, resale…)

I'm certain that I'm not the only person you has thought about this.
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