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I’ve read many of the EFI forum posts and have come to the following conclusion “it depends”. Therefore I would like your thoughts and ideas.

I wish to purchase one of the two following EFI tuning combinations soon but not both for my 04 Ultra with SE AC & SE Pro Touring Pipes.

Option 1: SERT (Use the stock calibration file #8)
Option 2: DFO & Twin Scan Tool (Tune over the stock ECM map)

Both options provide me the ability to capture EFI data. Cost, computer usage/configuration, and allocating time to actual tuning is not an issue.

My question: Do you think the SERT is a better performance choice, given that I’m currently only changing AC and pipes currently?

I think the SERT is the better (calibration file exists that already matches my parts configuration) choice. However, I might be over looking something in my colored world, besides never being able to go back to the original ECM download without a Dealer reflash. (Noise, EPA, resale…)

I'm certain that I'm not the only person you has thought about this.

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The Scan Tool lets you capture data. The SERT lets capture and fix it.
The DFO lets you change fuel settings. The SERT lets you change fuel settings, timing, rev limiter, attitude. And no extra boxes to hide.
Did I leave anything out?
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