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Tired of paying high dealer prices? Want a V-Rod?

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I have one for sale. Let's say the price starts out at 24,000. For that you will get the bike as well as delivery within 250 miles of Atlanta, Ga. Anyone else interested, give me a call. I'm not a dealer, private party. I also have for sale:

2002 Road King Classic - 20,000
2001 Road King Classic - 19,000
2002 Dyna Wide Glide - 18,000
2002 Sportster Hugger - 9,000
2002 Sportster 1200 - 10,500
2002 Fat Boy - 19,000
2002 Sporster 883 - 7,500

770-358-9364 Ask for Dave. You want it, I can get it and I can get it cheap.
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bewachungaus said:
You want it, I can get it and I can get it cheap.
Yeah...I can get it legally. I have clean and clear titles for every bike I sell. I just buy for MSRP and sell slightly over MSRP. No sense in marking the bikes up 30% and 40% over sticker. Just give me a call and let me know if you're interested in anything I have.
A fatboy can sticker as low as $15,800 MSRP carburated....$16,400 with FI.....$16,700 with alarm and FI....maybe $17,000 with FI, pearl paint and alarm. Even with all that and two-tone paint and shipping you can't get to $17,400. How do you see $19,000 being just a little over MSRP even if it is a fully loaded FI bike? Aren't you paying sales tax on top of MSRP which you also have to make back?

There is some big dealer in texas (barnett or something) that does the same thing....he is sitting on hundreds of bikes right now.

All I can say is good luck because other that the V-rod...I can walk into any of three dealers within 40 miles of me and pay MSRP for any of the ddozen or so Fat Boys they have in stock and unsold between the 3 of them. harley is flooding the dealers with bikes like never before. The dealers may have one last banner year with all the 100 year hype but I think this is the beginning of the end of overinflated prices on ordinary bikes.
Purchase a New Roadking 2002 classic for 17,500 at the Stealership... Arn't you just about the same as the stealership on your prices??? Besides that.... If they are titled... You have to sell as used... right?!
You people nit-pick every little detail. But I guess that is the nature of the forum beast.

Prices - My prices are negotiable, you don't like the prices, give me a call and I can work on the numbers. As far as those of you who consider me no better than the "Stealerships" the prices for my region of the US are way below market. Delearships in Atlanta and South Fl, actually add to the price what they call "market adjustment" and "demand inflation". Let's be honest, they are taking advantage of a dying breed before the hype plays itself out. I on the other hand have bikes that I have purchased and now wish to get rid of. Various reasons for each but I'm not in this for long term, just wanna dump what I got and make a buck in the process.

New or Used - Some of the bikes have been titled others haven't, they are mearly awaiting delivery at the dealerships. The bikes that have been titled before, I guess technically I do have to sell as used. But when using the term "new" I used it loosely, as in: never riden and zero to low miles. With the exception of the title they are in "like new" condition.

Slogan - And the "you want I can get and get it cheap" slogan, well, I can simply help you with your purchase or direct you to an appropriate dealer who won't try and pull a fast one on you.
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In that case.... A person would be desperate to purchase a used bike (titled) bike... Most Harley owners (prospective new bike buyers) take great pleasure in being the original (first owner) of a new bike.... Call it what you like... but, the bike that has been titled... is still "used" in the eyes of DMV and title agencies even though never ridden... In fact you have access to... or have in your possession more bikes then you would like to have.... Do you have a dealers license to sell that many bikes? Trying to make money on the bikes you sell..... becomes a buisness... and a buisness requires a license.......... Posting on this forum could cause you more heartache then you need......
Let's see....$24,000 for a $16,000 V-rod......hmmmmmmmmm. Oh wait..free 250 mile delivery...wow that's a great deal...sign me up.

Bad part is that somebody with more cash than sense will probably pay it.
OK South Florida in here now.....
Since S FL was mentioned

2002 Injected Fatboys are going for $17.7, WITH alarm and factory warranty,
still a far cry from your $19k.

There are many backroom dealers like you around here, but the factory warranty is void once it passes through a "private owner" like yourself.
Looks like you'll have alot of transportation to and from work now! lol It's people like you that keep the prices inflated. We call them HARLEY HOGS down here,and shun them. I just got my wifes for MSRP!!!!!! Beat that!!!!!
Well said, Ralph.

I was biting my tongue when I first read the posted prices. 'thought I'd said enough in the threads about msrp.

Anybody can pay whatever they want to pay for a bike, and anybody can charge whatevery they want to charge. But gouging is gouging. Whether by a dealer/shop or by an individual.

And if a customer is willing to pay SIGNIFICANTLY MORE than msrp, I have a bridge I'd be willing to sell 'em. Good price. MSRP. ;)
That bridge isn't in Arizona is it???

Sure it is. Imported from Old England stone by stone and with a certificate of authenthicity signed by the Queen herself.
Only one problem. Old man McCulloch already bought it.
bewachungaus said:
You people nit-pick every little detail. But I guess that is the nature of the forum beast.

Let's be honest, they are taking advantage of a dying breed before the hype plays itself out

Ummmm excuse me? I sure hope you are talking about the Corporate RUB's that buy so they can say they have one but never ride.

I believe HD prices will continue to come down now. Like it or not they are again on the start up competition with the new Indian Company.

Oh sure, annual production is a hundred to one right now but that is still start up numbers. Some of the "rich folks" are looking at The Indian just so they can say they have something different.

I know it is really not the same Company, but from a Corporate Sales side, Harley must take the position of Microsoft and make sure they keep Indian as an Apple.

If the "rich folks" take a shine to Indian, then the folks left to buy from HD ain't going to put up with the high prices.

The V-Rod is selling for about the same as a Chief. At $24k, many of the folks with that kind of $$$ will opt for The Chief. ( Cruiser vs Rocket.)

Many here ain't interested in The Indian and for good reasons, but you can bet HD Sales is.


This may not be the best site to peddle your inflated used bikes on. Even if ya get some kid reading it thinking it is a good deal, too many old timers will speak up. We like the folks here and share a lot of information between us.

It's one thing for a guy to go into a HD dealership and get clipped a bit but at least wise they have some overhead to deal with. Also, many end up buying because they can at least wise get financed and clipped a bit more by HD Credit.

Wish ya well in your venture, and you will no doubt find some lame to buy into your "great deals", just don't think that dog will hunt here.

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Great prices, yeah right.

I just bought a 2002 RKC White Pearl out the door for 18,200.00......... you listed it for 20,000.00.....DUH !!!!!!
Well said Jimmy!!!!! Hippo,That bridge has been sold how many times now??? LOL:D
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