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Tire Question

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I know this subject has been beat to death. This question goes out to all you riders who have switched to a wider tire on a newer softail. I have a 2002 standard and my question is what is the widest tire I can put on a stock rim without any modifications or adjustments? Can I go 150 or wider? It has not been slammed/stock height.
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I have only seen 150 as the widest due to fender clearance/pulley/belt spacing.

Beware though I saw one dude that ruined a brand new 150 tire because the fender strut bolts protruded too far into the fender well.By the time he felt the rubbing the deed was done.
My strut hardware has been replaced (at the dealer on delivery) with longer for the use of a quick disconnect backrest, but I am going to take mine out and cut off the excess.
I rode this weekend with a fellow club member that put a 180 on his stock FXSTB rim. He even lowered the rear suspension to a seat hight of 23". I really like the look of the wider tire on the bike.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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