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Tire pressure 1200XL?

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Any body have manual for 2005 XL C.need to know range for tire pressure for front and back tires.
Thanks Dan
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Per the Service Manual, 30 in front and 36-40 rear depending on weight of rider, passenger and cargo. Personally, 30 seems a little low to me, I keep my wife's 06XL Low at 36 front and rear.
vrodfl.....my 2005 XL came with Dunlop tires (stock). You can go to their website www.dunlopmotorcycle.com for air pressure recommendations. I always check my air pressure before every ride and keep it between 36 and 40 psi depending on my load, on both tires. Heavier load (2 passengers) the higher the psi....not to exceed 40 psi cold. Hope this helps.....Ride On

I second DarkKnight. I keep front and back at 36 lbs at all times.
Well thanks to all-about the same as my V-Rod 36 front , 38-40 back.
The tires say 40psi but that seemed a little steep so , I thought I would ask.
Thanks again.
The book calls for 30 in the front and 40 in the back. I believe there is a sticker on the side of your bike that will state that as well.:eek:
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