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timbo said:
Well in order to send my 9 spoke mags off my 04' Ultra to the chromer I had to have the wheel bearings removed first. No way was any method going to work to remove them other than the special puller that the dealer had. So it cost me around 20 bucks to have them removed. Installing them it looks like it could be done with some allthread, washers and a nut on each end to be tightened to draw the bearings in.

Has anyone tried this or have a similar method that would work?

YES TIMBO............................And it works perfectly, just got to ensure that the bearings are not "scewiff".........once they are started though it just is a matter of tightening the nuts until the bearing are in their final position.

All the best, Ozzie
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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