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Thunderpage Instalation Edit Reply Quote

I finally went out and purchased the Thunderpage system for my 2002 RK. I finally found the connector under the right side cover underneath the ECM. I tried to leave the connector under the ECM but am having a couple of problems.

First, the plastic housing that hides the connector won’t “gracefully” hold both the original connector plus the new harness.

Second, it looks like I would have to modify this housing to get the wires out to where I can mount the transmitter in the suggested location.

Has anyone ever installed one of these things? Should I be trying to relocate this harness to a location under the seat? Of course I then wonder how easy it would be to defeat the alarm in this new location…..

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Matthew -

I had the Thunderpage system on my 02 Ultra and returned it. It is sheer junk. The siren is weak, there is no range to the pager and the system alarm/page system can easily be cut rendering the whole deal useless.

I was able to install mine with little problem. I velcroed the connnection at the ECM (you are right there is very little play in those wires but it will work). I put the transmitter under the seat and wrapped the antenna in a nice circle underneath (using wire ties). I then put the siren under the left side cover. I did call their technical service and found them to be very helpful once you got past the guy who initally screens the calls.

Maybe yours will work bettter. I hope so. Mine totally sucked. I'd recommend returning it, buy the Smart Siren from Harley (which is louder and will scream even if the wire is cut) and pocket the extra $150. Yes, you do lose the paging feature, however, I think you'll find it is of no value anyway. Use the saved dollars to stay at nicer hotel rooms where you can park within a earshot of the siren. The Pager isn't going to work anyway.

My .02

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