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Hi, I made some changes to my PCIIIusb map and after letting the bike warm up properly, attached my laptop as I wanted to verify rpm at idle. I noticed that at idle the throttle percentage is 6 %. I released the throttle cables, blipped the throttle a couple of times and no change.

I was expecting it to be 0 % !

Is this correct ?

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They don't give you a manual, you have to look it up online. What a load that is.

But here is how you set the throttle position.

When you have the software open and the bike running and your laptop connected to the PC , look for the tab at the top that reads power commander tools.

Under this tab click on set throttle position. When that is done, a small window will pop up, choose reset.

After you reset, open to full throttle, don't hold it open, just make sure that you get it twisted all the way open. the motor may make 3000 rpm or so with just a quick twist. Then click OK.

You will have just set the throttle position and it should now read 0% throttle with the bike at idle.

I would also make sure the bike is warmed up before doing the reset.

And if you didn't do this when you first put the unit on, it's possible that you never were at 0% @ idle.
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