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mhonn2004 said:
Sunday I am going to do the 10,000 mile service on my Ultra. The only concern I have is adjusting the throttle cables. According to the manual I have to disconnect the connector from the cruise module and adjust the idle cable using an ohm meter. What am I looking for as far as a reading on the meter? :confused: Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.:thanks:

I don't have any specific advice but I do have a tip for you.

I recently purchased a copy of Fix My Hog, the touring bike version.

I have to say it is $50 bux well spent. They show you in explicit detail how to do most if not all of the 10K service. Check it out.

disclaimer: I don't have any financial interest in this company. I think they have a product that is worth the money and definitely augments the factory service manual.


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