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Those with Night Trains...

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Hey all. Could those of you who have Night Trains post pics of your bikes? See, I really wanna get a Night Train & need my fix to hold me over until I get it. If you could post your pics here, that would be great. Thanks in advance!
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Sorry about the size of the pic, I haven't figured this camera out yet.....
Can I ask a question about your night train? What kind of forward controls/shifter lever and pegs do you have on your bike?
This is it. It was like 3 days old. Hadn't done anything to it yet.

The controls, pegs and grips are all Legends Pro-Smooth. Check them out at www.legendsusa.net I got them about a year ago, they have since raised their prices but they are still one of the best deals out there.

Thanks fellas. Those are both nice lookin' trains. I hope to get mine for the spring. I have all of my accessories picked out already, now all I need is a bike! Keep 'em comin' if there are anymore out there!!
Bimini, Did you get the extended model controls?? It looks like it. if so, how tall are you? I'm looking to get a set of extensions but I'm not sure 2 inches would be enough. I'm right at six foot. How do you like 'em??
Yes they are 2 inch extended...I felt the same way but couldn't beat the price. They are 100 times better than stock. Originally I was looking into the extension plates, but you also gotta love the look of a set of billet forward controls. Oh, I'm 6'4, I have been thinking of getting the extension plates to add another two or three inches for a while now.

I normally kick my feet out with my heels over the pegs anyway so it's not a big deal. I think they would be perfect for you, if not you could always add the plates later, and still have the look. I like them alot and would do it all over again.
Bimini, you have your bike looking good. I got a couple picks up of my NT. My camera skills are weak and I need to get some better pics. It has a stage1 w/samsons for pipes, lowered, blackout lenses, and , well guess that's about it. I still want to add a couple goodies here and there but I sort of like the bike the way she is with the anniv. emblems looking good off all the black. The thing I want most for the bike is Spring!
hear are some pics of my new '02 Train. Bought it in December, picked it up in Januray, have put 500 k on in the first week.
(never been known for my spelling, January!)
the last one
Cool. Thanks for your input, bimini. You're right.......they do look good and the price is certainly right. One more question, if you don't mind. Did the kit come with an extened shift linkage rod and a longer brake line??

Thanks, again...
Thats a big negative on both, I replaced all my cables and lines with Sterling Chromite's and put a landmark stainless shift rod on.

Nite train,

I'm sure I've seen that bike before................:D
bimini train seat?

Bimini, what seat do you have on your train? I like the solo look. I have an 02 train
Diver go to www.arlenness.com click fwd controls then click shifter rods, they have a 3 inch extention kit in BLACK with extended shifter rod and new longer brake line, for $180 usd. i put these on my 2001 night train and love em. Easy to install and as long as you are changing the brake line, change the brake fluid to the purple synthic dot 5 stuff.
my 2001 scooter

my 2001 night train!

Nice ride. Are those Short Shots???

Yeah, I've seen the Arlen Ness kit. I was kind of hoping for a chrome set but the cost is prohibitive right now, with all the other things I want to do before spring (pipes, stage I kit, saddle, stainless cable, etc) so I'll probably just end up putting the extension plates on in the interim. Thanks for the tip about the brake fluid.
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