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Those with Night Trains 2

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Anybody else out there with one of Harley's Black Beasts....post them so we can all get some ideas to customize ours.
Rat 509 thanks for the compliment, hoping for good weather so you can get in the wind.

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Howd you get that little grill on the bars?
With custom billet clamps of course.....I see guys with dressers that have cupholders so I had to pull a little one upmanship. Great for burgers and ribs on the go..... the smoke and ash in your face gets a little distracting at times though.

Isnt that the new hi-rise smokey joe tachometer?
Kind of funny there has been nothing about the Night Train on here for quiet some time and now there is three threads on it! I like it! I go to pick up my 03' Night Train on Feb 21st I'm looking forward to getting it. I've only been waiting for six months!!!! Keep this post going people!
This is an older pic of the bike, since the Ultra is in, I have gone back to the stock seat and no sissy bar or bag rack.
Here's mine when I bought it in Georgia.......
my ex-night train

This bike started out as a night train.
This bike started out as a night train.
fu(king WOW!!!
Actually I figured you guys would say "dude messed up a night train" but I appreciate the wows. I am in the middle of adding lime green flake flames now.
Awsome looking bike...not much nighttrain left though. Is that a 240 on the back. If so, did you use a kit like the PM or custom valley...Been debating on a fatty for mine, thats why I still have the stock wheel on the back. Been leaning toward a 180 but there is no doubt that a 240 looks incredible.

bimini, yes that kit is a 240 from custom valley. It is a high quality kit too. I was kind of scared to order a kit for that much money from someone in Canada that I have never had any dealings with. But when it got here it was just as promised.

See ya,
Updated picture of the night train

After a weekend flame job
Re: Updated picture of the night train

fattire said:
After a weekend flame job
One of the finest I've seen. It makes me realize what could be done to a Softail Standard and makes me want one even more.

It's hard to beat blue/green flames!

Your bike rivals the some of the nicest fatty Big Dogs I've ever seen.

Thanks for the pic.
Yeah but Big Dogs are a lot different. This started out as a stock new 00 night train and everything that was done to it was done by me. And I know I will not pull up to a red light and see one like mine next to me. And it makes me feel alot different because I done all the mods myself. Thanks
New Paint

I just got mine back from the painter and it looks good enough to post so here is a few shots. I know last year I picked a few of your brains for help and this is what i came up with. Thanks, lets revive the post for a while!
new paint 2

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