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txhawg just go get the bike you want and enjoy your ride. I just sold off my 05 custom deuce for an 06 EG Classic and although it's a very different bike I like riding in comfort. This bike is great for longer trips. It's like driving a Caddy down the highway. I opted for the V & Hines dresser duals with oval slip ons. They sound and look great. I had the dealer do the stage 1 with remap. I got the delux luggage rack for the tour pak and I put in the tour pak and saddle bag LED light kit. I got the tour pak lid organizer and the triple pouch windshield bags. Now All I need are highway pegs, GPS and open highways to put some miles on my new ride. I bought it in Dec. 05 and it's already time for my 1st service. I live in PA and ride all winter long. It's snowed last weekend and I was riding as soon as the roads melted.
Good luck with what ever you do and enjoy the roads.
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