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fxrflh said:
Your cash, your dreams... Get what you like.

No clue how many miles on your bike, but, a set of geared cams, 95" jugs and slugs, headwork, pipes, a tweak to the EFI map, 2 new tires and a AM/FM/CD/MP3 Radio from Biketronics with a set of Hogtune speakers will get you more Bike compared to a stock 06...
I agree. In fact, I'm glad I didn't get the CD player. Now I have another input to the stereo. In addition to the plug jack in the front, I use a cassette tape adaptor to run my GPS audio. Now I can select between the radio, MP3 player, and GPS audio. I don't think you can do that with a CD player. With the new SERT for M&M, tuning is not an issue. Look on the bright side, now is the time to get the better Metzler tires.

But the bottom line is, if you want a new one, then go and do it.
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