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They are going to take my baby!!!

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As a fellow Harley owner, I know you can appreciate my pain.

In the hope of swaying the decision made by the FOX I have created an online petition against them.

I know you dont know me...but this would really help out.

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Get your priority's straight.
Poor you! got a brand new truck for a year!
after sept.11 you would think what's really important!
I can barely contain my grief at your tragic situation. If you'll send me $100.00 (USA) or more, it would really help. Thanks.
In reference to the post starting this thread, if it smells like SPAM, and walks like SPAM, and talks like SPAM, it's probably SPAM!

The poster joined today. Doubt he'll ever post again, unless it's more SPAM. And he really rides a Vespa!:D
Oh man...

So I take it you guys have never had anything taken from you?

Sure we won a truck for a year...but what good is a prize like that?? We won it at a time when gas prices were at 80 cents a litre when I was unemployed (so the truck stayed parked until we could afford the gas and insurance). Since then we had to move to a smaller community than we were living in before to find work. But that doesnt make walking to and from work in -25 degrees celsius any more comforting.

Oh Im sure we could buy another vehicle....on what I make as a web designer I should be able to hook up with a nice Pinto.

I appreciate the mocking.


My sympathies to the 9-11 victims. We all were made victims on different levels.
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Re: Oh man...

Roquetsynce said:
So I take it you guys have never had anything taken from you?

My sympathies to the 9-11 victims. We all were made victims on different levels.

To say that I have something taken from me would mean that I owned it and worked my azz off for it. You had something given to you free for a year and now you want more free handouts. Not from me.

Instead of holding your mouching hand out, why don't you see what you can do to give back to society. With all that has happened on and since 9-11, I would think that you would have a little respect for the real victims of this world and try to help them and rally support for them. You are quite a selfish azzwipe.

I think someone needs to delete this thread, what do you guys think?

I gave blood, clothing, and what little money I had.

What did you give?
I gave and I started giving many many years before 9-11. Your poor boy story really doesn't move me. I've been there. The only difference is that I climbed out of that gutter through hard work and dedication, not some scumbag scam for a free handout. Don't continue to disgrace this forum and the true victims of society with your presense here.
My Friend...

You have some aggression issues.

I didnt come here to challenge anyones views, or debate 9-11.

I was hoping for support from Harley fanatics, I assumed they would understand what giving up/losing a vehicle would be like...and maybe, just maybe be sympathetic.

Instead, what I found was harsh pre-judgement, and people looking for a fight. I just dont have the time or the interest for that.
I didn't pre-judge you. it was only after i read your first post that i determined you were a whining AH.
May I suggest that since you are a "fellow Harley owner" that you sell the hog until you can work your way out of this impoverished state that you are in. That advise is the least that I can do to help you help yourself. Good luck with your situation, but you grossly misjudged the riders of good ole American Iron. We do take care of our own but not for some redicules cause like someone wanting a free 40,000 dollar truck. Sorry!
5th, first three beers are on on me. Please stop making good points.

Roquetsynce, Are you serious? I thought this was a practical joke. You won the use of it for a year, it was never 'yours.' Hell. I even admire your attempt to talk them out of it. Surely you realize the liability of this contest was limited to the cost of the first year's use. You won a year's lease. That you need or want the vehicle is not an issue. Consider the fact you got more than everyone here and you still want more. Good Luck, but I think your free ride is at an end.
Rocquet, if ya' want to come back and talk about Harleys or bikes or rides or life, no one will begrudge you that.

A lot of people on this Forum have had a lot harder life that YOU could ever imagine, and pulled themselves up by HARD work. A lot of us respect hard work. A lot of us respect people being able to turn their lives around. IMHO, I doubt there are many on this Forum who respect people asking for handouts.

Drop-in again when you want to ask for advise, share a story, talk about your ride. Even just talk about life. But you deservedly won't get much sympathy with your "I deserve a free truck" story.
Thanks for not attacking

My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed the use of the truck over the past year. Granted we were VERY fortunate to have won it in the first place. Hardwork is all we have ever known since we got together 7 years ago. This prize was the first good thing that happened to us in that time.

(for some reason I fell the need to justify myself here...)

We have never had any extras. Never had anything that was unique or fantastic that we could be proud of. We had a car once. It was our first major purchase together. A 1990 Ford Mustang. Which we lost in a head on collision in 1997. We were vehicle less until we won the truck. Which makes it feel like every time we take a step forward...we fall back 3.

It is frustrating as hell.

The site that I made is just a last resort. A last a final plee to the powers that be at the radio station to let us keep it, or perform some sort of "stunt" that would work as PR for the station. Had circumstances been different, I probably wouldnt be trying to hang onto this truck. If I could afford to replace, I doubt if I would have fought at all to keep it.

But circumstances are just as they are. And this is the only thing that I feel I can do about it.
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I feel your pain, but the deal was for a one year lease only, not a "free" truck. If you're smart enough to be a web designer, you must have been able to save a little cash for a down payment. If you live within your means, you can afford almost anything you want. Get rid of cable and the phone. I won't say how much I make but it's not much at all, but I managed to pay off a new Harley in 1 year, and I can afford the payments on a new truck. Do you really need a full size four door truck? Kia makes a reliable car for less than $10,000 that will take you anywhere (I'm not trying to be funny). I'm sure when you turn in the leased vehicle the dealer will work with you on some reliable transportation. I've got some nice things by living within my means and have NEVER taken a hand out from anyone (except dad once but I paid him back). I just don't believe in handouts, and I laways pay my own way. If I can't afford it, I don't get it.
I think you’re confusing aggression with the contempt we all feel for you. You come amongst working men and plead a welfare case. We all have worked hard for what we have and are sickened by people like you that feed off a charitable system. Be a man, return the truck, thank them graciously for their gift and go. They owe you nothing. And what makes you think that because we are Harley enthusiasts that your pick up truck has anything to do with us? Is this because it has Harley-Davidson printed on it? Not good enough. There is a southern saying that applies here it’s “Just cause the cat had kittens in the oven, we don’t call em biscuits”. Why is it that you and people like you who receive something for free feel that now people owe you more. You are a disease on our society, a cancer that is spreading and needs to be removed. I only hope that the radio station that was so kind to you in the first place can find some legal ground to drive you into the ground. Now go away!

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I think we got off on the wrong foot here

I never asked for cash handouts. I realize that the site does have a "donate" section...but that was meant in jest. I didnt ask ANYONE for a handout, and I never have.

I m sorry that you all took it so seriously, and more importantly, Im sorry that you took offense to it.
The section on the site that I was hoping to direct people to was the guest book. It is serving as an online petition. A petition that I am hoping may convince the said radio station into doing a new contest for the truck.

"what makes you think that because we are Harley enthusiasts that your pick up truck has anything to do with us?"

I was thinking that people who know the vehicle would understand what a fantastic loss it be.

All that said, I do appreciate everyone imparting their infinite wisdom on me. It was very enlightening.

95 FXST - Thanks for the suggestion of the Kia...it may be an option. And thanks for being the only one not trying to tear me a new a**hole.
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Jeezus!! What a lame assed troll.

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Pretty Lame Excuse!!!


This is a joke right??????????

If it's not......no, it's gotta be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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