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I live in Australia and I think it is a great place to be, although we will visit your country sometime this year.
My story starts for me when I was 17yrs old.
I joined the army in '73 and after recruit training was posted to the 1st Armoured Regament where I met some great people and they got me into riding.
After a while we formed a club and it was called ASSASINS.
It was mostly army guys and girls with some of the towns people in it to.
One day when I was heading back from seeing my girlfriend who lived in a small town called Nagambi, Victoria., I was on my 650 yamaha, I had a head on collision with a Semi-Trailer.
The Semi did not stop and I was left on the side of a back country road with my bike on top of me and the exhaust burning into my left leg.
I had my side split open and my left side was pretty well shattered.
I died 3 times that day,on the road, in the ambulance and on the operating table.( that is a story for another time ,but the sights and sounds were amazing)
I spent 6 mths in hospital.
After I got out I just started to drift, I didn't know what I was looking for ,but I knew there was something I needed, so I rode around Australia on a BSA 650 for 2 years, looking for I don"t know what.
Finally I settled in Adelaide, Sth. Aust.
I rode with a group here for a while but that only lasted 1yr.
I had a few different girlfriends.
I studied Martial arts for 20yrs and became the top instructor at Felix Leongs Whin Chun Acadamy.
That is where I met my wife she is the greatest person I have ever met.
I liked her as soon as I saw her and I was showing her a Judo throw and flipped her on her face, she got straight up and punched me in the face and split my lip open. I thought this is the girl I am going to Marry and 2yrs latter we did.
Two years after that along came our beautiful daughter Joanne.And when I looked into her eyes when she was born I knew what it was I was looking for all those years ago-Family.
Now I work at a job I enjoy,my wife is still the best and we love our daughter to death.
I hope this tells you where I am coming from.

Thanks for listening.

p.s. I still ride and wont stop I have a xlch 1000 and my bike for now '03 xl 1200s.

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welcome to the board

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Welcome to the forum, lock. If you get over this way, beers are on me.

Whoa! I've drank with Aussies ... beers on me here, in Mobile, when I'm in attendance.


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:welcome: to the forum! Daughters rock!! Post up often and enjoy!

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I think you were just on a journey to find yourself after such a horrific crash. A lot of people never get that second chance in life and it is a gift you were given a chance to start over.

Glad you made it out okay mate.

:welcome: to the forums. Post up often and enjoy.

BTW, what part of the states are you going to visit? I want to see Australia myself. I have been to a few foreign countries and it is on my list for a future vacation destination.

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your story sounds like a movie! :cheers:
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