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Hello all.
My name is Brian and I live in Southern York County PA about 13 miles from the York Harley Davidson Assembly Plant.
I figured i would just copy and paste the text from my personal home page, so excuse the long winded (or typed as it were) post. ----->

Well I have finnaly had another of my lifelong dream come true (courtesy of my lovely wife and best friend) of Harley Davidson Motorcyle ownership. I currently am the proud owner of a 2002 FXDX Dyna Superglide Sport in Balck on Black.
Ever since I was a young boy I was captivated and obsessed with motorcycling. First it was a minibike, then a dirtbike, and at about age 16 my focus was on Harley Davidson V Twin road bikes. I have owned a 5 hp mini, a 71 Honda Skywing 80cc (that Mom was SURE I would never get running so she agreed) a Kawasaki 500 (rebuilt salvage), a Bulltaco dirtbike, CBR 650, and a Kawi GPZ 750. I always kept an eye out to pick up a Big Twin Harley and it never panned out. Well, many years passed (Now into my 30's) and the outlook of actually owning such a peice of rolling beauty seemed quite grim. In October of 2001 I married my soul mate and best friend and the journey of a lifetime that all men seek had begun. On June 24th 2002, My wife and I were headed out to do some shopping when we decided to stop into a new local Harley Dealership our friend were raving about to see what all the buzz was. (We often stopped by dealers to "look" and buy gifts for my friends and such) Well we walked in the door and right there in front of me was a brand new 2002 FXDX Dyna Superglide Sport in Black on Black. Now bear in mind that the Night Train and the Superglide were the two bikes I have been drooling over for quite some time (black on Black to boot). I was surprised to see it sitting on the sales floor and asked the sales manager about it. He explained that they had just uncrated it last night and since you cant sell bikes on Sunday around here they figured they would put it on the floor for people to see. Well, I was instantly in LOVE!!!!! I sat on the bike and smiled for what seemed to be an hour. My wife saw the look on my face and asked me about the bike. I offered to her all the specs and specialties of this particular bike and said BOY oh BOY,,,, some day, some day I'll get one of these beauties. I was SHOCKED when she said to me "well baby, you've waited long enough, lets take her home with us" I looked at her in amazement and said something to the effect of "your kidding right"? We spoke to the sales manager and he informed us that he could NOT even talk price with us on a Sunday but he would say that the bike was NOT sold but several people had looked at it during the day. He gave us a brochure on the HD line and told us to look through it and get a feel for what Harley priced their bikes at and he would be happy to talk further about pricing and such on Monday Morning. We left and went shopping. The whole time we were shopping neither of us could concentrate on anything other than the bike and we discussed the situation. She finally said to me "lets go back and see what we have to do. That bike is YOURS" As I looked at her, tears actually started to roll down my face. This wonderful woman was about to fulfill my #2 life dream. (She already covered #1 on Oct 27th 2001 with 2 little words) We went back and approached the sales manager again. She said something to the effect of "Hi again. My Husband is going to take that motorcycle right there and we need to know what we have to do" He looked at me and then back at her and a BIG ol grin cracked across his face and he shook his head and said "I simply cannot talk anything about sales or price with you guys today, but be here when we open at 8:00 tomorrow morning and bring your pen, your wallet, and this same attitude and well all be in great shape. For right now I suggest you take this lovely lady back to the Motorclothes and accessories department and let her pick out her riding gear".
And so we did. On Wednesday June 27th 2002 I drove my machine home. Since then I ride EVERY opportunity I get and I just cant seem to get this silly grin off my face when Im rolling.

My 2002 FXDX
Heres some specifics about the upgrades, mods, and customs I have performed to my Ride since purchase:
- Installed Cycle Shack Slash Cut slip ons. Going to Thunderheader at the end of the month.
- Installed Kuryakyn Twin Velocity Intake system.
- Changed Low Jet out to a 48 from factory 45 and shortened needle by 1mm (this made a HUGE differnce in power and torque)
- Relocated the headlamp assembly to the bottom triple clamp (Had to drill the triple tree for this one) and eliminated the OEM "eyebrow". Used "Custom Chrome" headlight mount and can but fit OEM headlamp and electrical to new can. Custom Fabricated alum plate (with chrome skull of course) to cover the electrical wiring for the guages that were now exposed when the eyebrow was removed (this came out really good !!!)
- Custom relocation of rear directionals to "Custome Chrome" layback lisence plate
- Relocated front directional / driving lights to the fork tubes from the handlebars
- Polished brake rotors to mirror finish
- Removed, completely detail, front sliders to smooth clean lines with grinders and elbow grease (horrible mold lines and grind marks from factory) and my bud "Davin" painted them to match the bodywork. They look really trick!!!!!
- Installed detachable sissy bar and fabricated a custom sissy bar medallion skull (made from a belt buckle)
- Custom fabricated stainless steel brackets to fit 2002 Duece detachable windshield to my ride (Thanks for the help on this one Doug!!!!)
- "Hot Toppers" to all exposed fasteners (Ya had to get me started on this didnt ya Davin)
- "Custom Chrome" axle covers and axle adjuster plates
- Relocated Horn to out of sight
- Harley Davidson finned headbolt / spark plug covers
- Harley, chrome one piece battery housing
- Kuryakyn, chrome magnum mirrors
- Harley, banjo bolt / clutch cable covers
- Harley, chrome highway footpeg mounts
- Kuryakyn ISO footpegs
- Harley custom hand grips
- Chrome front rotor bolts
- Alamo Leathers customized tool and saddle bags
- Convert to Wide Glide front end with slider brace
- Rake neck to increase of about 4.5 inches overall length, increase tubes length to maintain good performance and safe trail angle
- fabrication of custom Rib cage fuel tank and themed custom sheet metal(will look like a skeletal rib cage) gotta have something to do over the winter :)
- Longer / larger Handle bars for more set back ride (1.5" t-bars)

Favorite dealerships and specific reasons:
- Laugermans HD, Rt 30 York PA; Outsdanding Service dept.
- Battlefield HD, Rt 30 Gettysburg PA; Outstanding parts and sales dept.

Favorite Aftermarket, Custom, and Private Suppliers / Shops:
- Cycle Shack, Rt 462 Columbia PA; You would NOT believe the stock and knowledge of aftermarket parts and applications these guys have. A MUST see for Earlier Model Riders!!!!!!!
- Spicer Cycles, Rt 273 Rising Sun MD; VERY Large inventory of Aftermarket and Unique parts and applications including a LOT of High Performance items.
- Harleydavidsonforum.com - EXCELLENT source of info and access to opinions, ideas and access to a vast array of motocycle tech talent. (A must do !!!!!!!!!)
- Adamsons Susquehanna Cycle, Rt 74 Red Lion PA; Bob Adamson runs a GREAT shop and is always willing to give advise and tips for the home shop customizer, also is VERY reasonable and does GREAT work for those time we get "In over our head".
- P&W2, Dillsburg PA; After seeing their work and what they did to work out the bugs with my best bud's ride (114 cu inch S&S FULL CUSTOM Nitro softail that makes you develop Tourette Syndrome when he leaves ya in the "Fattail fog") I cannot say anything but good about their custom and debug skills.

Acknowledgements and Special Thanks:
- My Lovely Wife who continues to make my dreams come true, and makes every day aggrivation MEAN something when overcome.
(My wife says I ride a harley because my ego and attitude dont always FIT in a car!!!).

Party On, God Bless, and keep your Knees in the Breeze!!!

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that's a great story, congrats on the new bike! Sounds like your enjoying every minute of it! I'm located just a little ways north of you near Hazleton, PA.

The past 2 years we've been to the Gettysburg HD birthday Bash, excellent time and beautiful countryside!

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That IS a great story! Congrats to you and your special lady and that she is. Enjoy the ride and the board.

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Welcome to the board, that was a great event and heck you even got married on my birthday so things got to be good for you. Well what can be said about your wife she fantastic for her support and understanding. I think a lot of us have gotten lucky, my wife even put the initial down payment down on my bike, had to order it. Must be something they pick up on, like before I got my bike I always stop at every Harley shop any where I traveled, including two in Italy. But that is great and I think the bike is something that will bring you closer together, literally.

I only live a bit to your south and really enjoy the open hose events at the factory. I haven’t been able to go due to working in the financial area and 1 Oct is year end. You know maybe as a group, HarleyDavidisonForum.com; we can make plans to meet at the York factory one day to meet and greet, that would be cool.

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Heh, actually she DID put the downpayment on it. We have seperate personal accounts and a joint for the house and bills and she insisted that she do the down money (so i took it REAL easy on the dealer installed extras and options for ME and picked up most myself after getting it home).
I would love to get together for a ride.
I have wanted to organize a benefit for the visually handicapped for quite some time. I feel compelled to do something positive for this group of people who are not as fortunate as I am in being able to fully enjoy forums such as this and cannot drive their own scooter.
Strangely enough, A guy I know who is Blind (Bad plasma cutter accident many many years ago) "noticed" and commented on the fork tube work and relocation of the rear directionals before most everyone else!!!
You should see some of the sheet metal ART this guys does. He tells me that its amazing what can be seen by people when they dont have sight to preclude the realization of their vision.

Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts and the warm welcome.
Im certainly glad to be a part of this.
Party On, & GB.
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