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The PRICE of fluids and filters

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My oil "stash" is all used up, and I went out to get more.


Has anyone looked at the price of oil and filters and such lately ?

.... and the guy at the counter basically told me I'd be stupid not to use Harley's heavy gear oil .vs Formula+
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Our local Harley dealer wants $20 for a chrome filter. $18/quart for Formula+
It's $29 for that Mobil 1 15W-50 synthetic, in a five quart jug.
Does anyone use that oil ?

For years, I used Rotella conventional 15W-40 in the primary, and a generic 80W-90 gear oil in the transmission. I'm probably going to get struck by lightning or something.
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My Moto Guzzi specs AGIP Rotra MP 75W-90 for the transmission and rear shaft drive. It's impossible to find, but Mobil Delvac 1 Synthetic 75W-90 is a virtual match in all the spec sheets, and they both have the MT-1 (manual transmission) rating with a seal conditioner.

There's a gallon sitting here on the shelf. It appears to work well in that Moto Guzzi, and I'm temped to try it in the Harley transmission.
I just ordered a HiFlo HF171CRC filter @ Denniskirk for $11.66. I needed just a little more to get free shipping on some other parts, so why not.

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I checked Hiflo filters they are imported?
Made in Thailand, I think.

Interesting that HiFlo makes some of the K&N filters.
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We've been using those HiFlo filters for more than 20 years. No issues (yet).
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