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The PRICE of fluids and filters

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My oil "stash" is all used up, and I went out to get more.


Has anyone looked at the price of oil and filters and such lately ?

.... and the guy at the counter basically told me I'd be stupid not to use Harley's heavy gear oil .vs Formula+
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About the only thing I buy from the stealer is spark plugs.
Wont use HD oils, not tested and everything is better.
I use HP4 racing Syn. It cost 10 bucks a quart.
Belray trans oil, 14 bucks, Belray Primary oil, 16 bucks.
Never forget the K&N filters, but then I bought a case of them.
K&N oil filters are not better than harley filters from what I have heard.
The you might want to find the comparison.
I had to go look by the filters I use are Hifolfiltro, which are K&Ns racing version.
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