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Hey guys and gals. I thought I would fill in the blanks for those who responded to my thread re: stopping at the bar or driving by posted on 1/3/06 I later deleted it to protect any possible innocent local involvment.

As much as the concesus was to just drive on by, and I agreed that I was going to do just that, the closer I got to the bar and the more the lies rang in my head, I just could not pass the place without making an effort to clear my good name, not to mention that even at my age, being called a chicken sheit ***** when I know I am not. It really got to my Pride!
Well, you all were right in that I was well greeted and when I asked where the man I was seeking was I was told that the new owner, a friend of us all including mr big mouth, had kicked him out. His comment "I love the guy don't get me wrong, but man he has issues, High Maintenance"! Everyone was wondering where I had been and said they were surprised that I was man enough to just stay away knowing everything was a bunch of BULL! And knowing me to be a proud sort!

At that point I had to admidt that my pride had gotten the best of me, which is why I was there, so all the praise was unwarranted.

I was then informed that the praise was warranted and I got a round from just about all!

Thanks, for all the comments and as stupid as it might seem to you,
Please try and understand :boxin: Sometimes a mans character, particularly in small town America is challenged and has to be protected!
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