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The next beginning

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May of 2001 I wanted to get back into motorcycles.I looked all over the place for a new Harley but could not find anything in my price range.I ended up buying a 2000 Yamaha Road Star in Tuson Az. ,flew out from Houston on a Monday morning and the owner picked me up at the airport. Took me over to his house and I bought the motorcycle.On the flight to Tuson I was trying to think when the last time it was that I rode,wow 18 years ago was just about right. I was just a little nervous. Well he told me how to get to I 10 and i took off to Houston. I stopped in El Paso Monday evening and spent the night. Tuesday morning I left El Paso and that evening I spent the night in San Antonio,left their Wednesday morning and road on in to Alvin where I live just south of Houston. The three days on my ride was just fine,the sky was blue and the weather was beautiful. It made me wonder why it took so long to get back into something that I really enjoy.

November the 10th some of the guys at work told me that Goe HD in Angleton, Texas had a new FLHTC, just like I wanted in the first place, at a price that I could afford. The 13th I went down to look at it and picked it up the 14th. A 2002 luxery blue pearl Electraglide Classic.

I am riding with some bros to Daytona in March and planning on a 25 day trip the end of July to Califoria, up the west coast to Washington, then to Sturgis, to Las Vegas, back to Poway, Cal., then back to Houston. It should be about a seven thousand mile trip. I hope my butt can stand it.

I thought that I would keep the Road Star for a day rider but the Harley rides so good I can't wait to sell the Yamaha to give me some traveling money. LOL

That's my story and I'm stickin to it!

Wishing everyone good riding and good weather.

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Hey Krazy,

Welcome to the board! Glad to here your back in the saddle. Sounds as if your planning a regular iron butt tour. Good luck with it and enjoy the new dresser.

Ride safe and I'll see ya around the forum.

GG, alright bro. That was a pretty good story for a short one. Now if we can only get boneyard01 to jump in here with his story. Hey, what did you think about E.S.'s windsheild? It's a big one for sure, it's the one that came with my bike.

Welcome to the Board! Your "fly and buy" adventure for the Road Star is close to the way Lisa sold her 1100 Virago. A guy flew in to LA from Wyoming, bought the Virago and drove it home. Those Yamaha guys are serious when it comes to buying bikes and ridin' 'em home!:D

Wow! You have a 7K mile trip planned. That's pretty impressive. FYI. This site has some great info as to places to ride. Check 'em out.

While you're in So Cal, plan to catch us for coffee or beer. We're leaving on a motorcycle vacation after August 1st, and will be driving up the Coast and across to Lake Tahoe and environs. If the logistics work out, we may be able to catch you for part of your ride. At least, we'll catch ya' for a drink while you're in this part of the world.

Here at the H/D Forum, we'll be interested in the trip report after you get back. Better yet, while you're out there ridin' give us an trip report from an Internet cafe! :cool:
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West Coast Trip

pasadenajim, My plans now are to leave Alvin July 19 going to San Diego (Poway), hope to be in Poway the night of July 20. Pick up my friend and leave Poway July 22 going to Seattle (alloyed 4 to 5 days), staying on Coast Highway 1 & 101 all the way. Then catching Int.90 East to Sturgis alloying 4 to 5 days to see what I have planed to see. Then back South & West to Las Vegas, spend the night there and win a couple thousand $$ LOL and head back to Poway. Rest a day or so then head back home. I have planed 25 days off so i'm in no hurry, but Deb. only has 2 weeks. I will stop and drink a hooch or two if we can hook up. Keep in touch, KrazyGG
Great! :)

Let's see about puttin' an "eyeball" together down in Poway! Was just down there last week for the pre-Mardi Gras party. Pleasant place to ride. Maybe we can talk some of our fellow So Cal membes into joining us? We can post about that idea in July.

In any event, you'll love the ride up PCH. You'll have a wonderful adventure.

I'll send you a private message w/my home #, etc.
Welcome Krazy GG,good luck with your new ride.Sounds like your a man with a plan! Have fun & stay safe, don't forget to tell us al about it. guido
25 days on a hog

That is going to be some trip!

Be sure to take plenty of pics AND your laptop so you can log on and tell us in real time! LOL


Welcome ,and you will love riding that scooter on 101. I did a road trip like yours in July 99. I still cannot stop talking about it. Enjoy.

Ride Safe.
Re: 25 days on a hog

dprice said:
That is going to be some trip!

Be sure to take plenty of pics AND your laptop so you can log on and tell us in real time! LOL
Hope you can make the trip to Daytona with us, really looking forward to the trip. Let us know ASAP. KrazyGG
Re: Re: 25 days on a hog

KrazyGG said:

Let us know ASAP.

Well, if he's like me, then ASAP means: AFTER SEEKING APPROVAL & PERMISSION. LOL
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