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The good,the bad,and the expensive

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Harley World in Edmond,Harley World in Oklahoma City.....The Bad.
City Cycle Sales in Junchion City Kansas.......The Good.
Bryans Hd in Moore ,Oklahoma.....The Expensive.

Waco...Good guys,stayed open to help me once
Brians in Collage Station also good people.
Amirillo (or however ya spell it down there) TX....Duh!!!!!
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Also went into the dealer in Joplin Missouri around closing time (just passing through) and they stayed open to re set the computer and another minor adjustment to my scoot,and let me look around. Good sales people,and had a few good stories to tell. Kind of like the old days.
JC Cycle Sales

Hey TC88,

I dont think the service gets any better than this. Cheapest labor around and the best possible services and prices. Bikes sell for MSRP only. They even give EVERYONE a 10% discount for being a national HOG member.

All of the other dealerships want you to join their chapter first AND attend X amount of their functions before giving any type of discount.

Are you in PA now? I know of all those places you speak of and seems like you are in my backyard.

Bought a 2002 Dyna from Honey Grant in JC,Kansas. Have friends in Hays,and a friend in Topeka that has a biker bar.
Best dealer I have ever seen, as far as making an effort to help on the spot time after time, Yellowstone HD in Belgrade MT.

The guys in the shop at the dealer in Rapid City SD, sold me their personal parts a few times at a fair price, when the parts department did not have them. Same thing in Pueblo CO, but I think the lady that got me the parts was the owners wife.

Never really had any bad experiences, not counting breaking out in laughter at some of the stuff they come up with, other then inability to get parts.

The local dealer, in Mesa AZ, has one guy in the parts department that really knows the HD system and is invaluable as far as getting what you need.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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