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The box came today!

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You know the one? It says "Your HOG has arrived". Should take delivery of the new Fat Boy Wednesday at the latest. I am pumped for sure. This will be my first Softail. Can't hardly wait to throw a leg over it and ride her home. This will be the second Hog in the barn. Is this called Hog farming?

Not much sleep tonight !!!!
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Not much sleep & a whole hell of alot of daydreamin, keep us posted, but most of all, ENJOY!!!
Congrats, just in time for a nice warm, sunny weekend:)
Congrats Irbigdog

What color did you choose and did you go efi or carb?

Oh, by the way am I the only one that didn't get one of those boxes? Did they mail it to your home?

Well anyways, enjoy the weather and ride safe.

i didn't get a box but i have my road king and thats all i need.
oh yeah nice ride good luck on your new ride
tuke said:
i didn't get a box but i have my road king and thats all i need.
You got that right!!!!

I hear ya!!

I'm going though the same thing - pick up my new Heritage tomorrow morning!

I feel like a little kid at Christmas time.

Color is White Pearl and I opted for the carb.

Big Dog
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