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If you need a USB power port on your motorcycle you cannot get any easier than this. www.ZootFresh.com has a product called SABEUS-1 (SAE to USB adaptor). When you need it, take this device out of your pocket or saddlebag, and plug it into your battery charging port (like Battery Tender or other brand cable). It's that easy. No splicing; no soldering; no wiring issues. And when you are done, put it back in your pocket.

Cigarette power outlets have at least three major problems:
1. They are bulky both on the bike and when stored.
2. Many cannot output the electrical power (5V @ 1A) that many devices need, and they require extra connections (potential failure points).
3. Most motorcycle manufacturer's Owner's Manuals ask you not to use the bike's cigarette lighter to charge a phone. There are several reasons for this, including steering interference of both the cable and a USB insert, electrical overload, and that the lighter connection is not designed for that application (rust, vibration problems or overload problems).

Because you put away the SABEUS-1 when not in use, rain or moisture are not an issue. Even so, it is very water resistant using the SAE (trailer hitch) type of connection.

If that's not enough, this product was designed in Texas. The plastics are made in Wisconsin, and the final assembly is done in the USA!


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