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Left Friday the 25th at 3:45 to attempt the Thanksgiving BunBurner 1500. Weapon of choice: 2020 CVO Road Glide. A little adversity kept us from getting the silver award, but we still got the mileage in and met the criteria for the standard BunBurner. This was our goal from the beginning and the silver would have just been a bonus if it worked out that way. Both of us have a BunBurner Gold under our belt, so we weren't too discouraged. This is still a unique certificate for my collection.

The sign photos that apply to the Thanksgiving ride criteria include the bike next to Harvest, Plymouth, Mayflower, and Pumpkin. We attempted to get photos next to a road sign with "corn" on it. But it ended up being a long dirt road with no signs (thanks, GoogleMaps). This was a big part of the delay with not getting the silver award. I mean this road was OUT THERE. There were even free-range horses roaming out and about. Not to mention it was 9:30pm and totally dark!

Luckily, we were able to find the Mayflower sign only 14 miles from where we stayed that evening. However, it was 25 degrees and extremely foggy when we left that morning. So, it was a looooooooong 14 miles. After that photo we hopped on the interstate for a few hours. I set the cruise within a reasonable distance behind a semi so he could light the way for us. At the first gas station the front of our bikes, shoes, and legs were iced over from freezing fog. Never had that happen before!

Long story short, it was a great ride and my first over 24 hours. There were some moments Mark and I will definitely look back on and laugh. On December 17th we will be attempting the Coffee Insanity ride. If successful, that will earn me the Mile Eater Silver award.

Here is our Spotwalla route: Trip: Thanksgiving IBA 1500

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