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I just wrapped up the cam tensioner upgrade on '01 Wide Glide. The spring tensioners were toast at 37K so I bit the bullet and put in the hydraulics. With the guidance and advice of many folks here, the job went real well! While I was in there I put in the Torrington B148's and dropped in a set of SE 203 cams. I pulled and grounded the plugs and cranked her over 3X for 5 sec. each. On the 4th time the oil light went out. Put a new set of plugs in plug, opened the throttle 2X, turned on the ignition and she jumped right off. The new lifters I put in quieted down within a few seconds. The cam gives me a bit more snap off of idle and she really like to get to the next gear nice now! The idle is a fringe benefit, she likes to 'potato potato potato' now!:woohoo: (I'll turn up the idle a little later on)

Thank you all so much!! Having the service manual helped a ton, but you guys got me over the top!!

Thanks Again,
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