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Tedhase #2000 WINNER

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Welcome to our newest member, Tedhase

Ok, there it is folks. Our OFFICIAL member #2000

Welcome Tedhase.

Please check into this thread to claim your prize.
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YES! We have a winner. JimmyK, Present the official executive washroom key to Tedhase at the next watering hole assembly.
Now that's what I call a warm welcome...

Whoa... Actually I'm already a winner. I stumbled on a thread referencing the Cyborg Cycles website and the great referral looks to save me a nice chunk of change :D.

This is a great board with 1999 *winners* who have created this community long before I got here. Here's to your next 2000 members.

Cool !

Ok, here is the thread with all the details concerning the contest.


And more importantly, WELCOME TO THE SITE !
( Sigh )

I am sad to report that Nobody claimed the Nothing Nor the Nonexistent flight to Nowhere.

SO just like the Lottery I will roll the contest unclaimed over to the next contest.


Drumroll please !

A double portion of NOTHING!

Now I know you are probably wondering, "What would one person do with none of THAT?"

Well let's just hold that thought for the interview and ask the lucky winner then.

Remember folks. It could be YOU so keep your dream alive and stay tuned.

Disclaimer: HD Forum and David Price is not affiliated with this nothing contest, Any nothing recieved from David is purely coincidental and should not be construed as the nothing offered by Jimmy. These are to completely different nothings and any similarity of the two is pure coincidence,
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Jimmy K,

The nothing contest needs to be combined with the nowhere contest to give nobody at chance at winning nothing.

This way, the lucky winner has a chance at BOTH... winning nothing and going nowhere. The rules should be simple, contestants need to say nothing nor do anything and they have a great chance at going nowhere.

We could always do nothing and maybe nobody will say nothing?
I figure I'm the lucky winner evreyday. It seems that everytime I open my mailbox, there it is, nothing from JimmyK!:D

And speaking of luck: I heard a new one yesterday. "My luck is so bad, I could be walking through a room full of Prussy and get hit in the head with a dick!"
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