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$tealership service

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It's little things that indicate the worth of a $tealership service center. Like when you bring in you first ever new bike in for the 5K checkup, ($295) and ask them to replace the jiffy stand bumper that ripped, then you find out that all they did was glue it in place so that the ripped part falls off 1 week later , you wonder about how much effort went into adjusting the primary. Today, they refused to mount & balance a new set of Dunlops since I did not purchase the tires from them (at $100 more!) same tire, same model. Stated 'liability reasons'., The darn things were still in the Dunlop wrappers. It's a shame, I'd like to trust them, but.... Am I wrong?
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So quit going to them.

You're welcome.
I have had some very depressing experiences with a couple dealers. If you need to go to a dealer, try another place. And make it a point to tell the owner of the one you'll not be visiting anymore WHY you won't be doing buss with them. Them maybe the next guy (or gal) won't have to go thro the same $hit.
To me, it just goes to show another dealer that is making fat cash and doesn't need the business. If I purchased my bike from them and let them do the servicing for the most part. I certainly would make them aware unhappy you are and loud enough that anyone standing near can over hear. Not being able to mount and balance a wheel beause of liability reasons is bull **** excuse if i ever heard one. They just don't need the business.
Need to post this under 'Dealership Experiences' and give a name. Also log this to www.hawgeye.com so rest of us will know.

I'd be concerned about what all they did(or might not have done) to my bike also if all they did was glue the jiffy stand bumper back together.

And 2Deuce is right to a certain extent. They don't need the business. It wasn't a liability issue but a "you didn't buy your **** from us so we can't make that extra cash from you so we're pissed" issue. I bought 2 tires over internet and took bike to local dealer and they mounted with no problems at all. And they weren't even Dunlop tires.

Take your business elsewhere and let this dealership know you are.
service and tire are different (a little)

the $295 5k service is too high but unfortunately is typical. You need to learn to do it yourself. Not replacing the jiffy stand bumper is damn near criminal and you shouldn't trust them for anything. Better check that primary chain, a lot of dealers slack on that item.

The tire is a slightly different story. You could have asked before ordering tires if they would install. Some dealers just charge extra for install of tires they didn't sell to replace profit. You would never expect to take discount hamburger from Food-World to McDonalds and tell them to cook it into a Big Mac. Or perhaps a better analogy would be taking a steak to the Outback for them to cook while you order a baked potato.

Dealers do have to make a profit but independent shops do also and they somehow manage on a much lower price. Find a good one and support it.
Yeah but they probably had a fine selection of black t-shirts and doorags :D
It should be HDM not HD. HDM= Hundred Dollar Minimum!
The hd already stands for high denominations or high dollar
Yea, write em up in Hawgeye. Once you see it posted, shoot the link to em.
Hippo, would you install parts purchased elsewhere? What's your take, as a shop owner? Other shop owner's (doesn't need to be Harley, or even motorcycles) feel free to comment as well. I can certainly see both sides on this part of the issue (not the jiffy stand however, that sucks).

First off, I ain't a dealer but if you are not going to buy parts from me, then don't expect me to install the ones that you bring me. Fare is fare.
Markcuda said:
First off, I ain't a dealer but if you are not going to buy parts from me, then don't expect me to install the ones that you bring me. Fare is fare.
I tend to disagree with that in this case.

The sales of parts is seperate from the sales of labor to install. Many places will install parts brought in with the understanding that there is no warranty.

All Harley Shops will sell you parts without having to install em.

The biggest problem is the shift from how they used to treat us and how they do today. To me, that is the true issue.
So, what you are saying that we should pay higher prices for parts and service, in lew of breaking the manufactuer's warranty? Why shouldn't I be able to purchase aftermarket parts and have them installed by the dealership? Does taking parts to an independent wrench and have them do the installation and service of the bike, break the warranty?
If you were to get Harley parts , lets say over the internet and you took the parts and had Joe six pack bike shop install them, then you will be fighting a loosing battle on your warranty, just try it and see if ANY Harley dealer will cover your bike. If there are any Harley dealers on here and say that my bike will be covered, then lets hear it. I say the instaled part will not be covered and if that part hurts any thing that is covered, then you are still shi.t out of luck.
warranty of parts ...

Not sure how this discussion got over to warranty but ...

H-D is not responsible for the warranty of aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts may or may not have a warranty and the manufacturer is not responsible for installation errors.

That being said, buying at the dealer and paying the dealer to install every part is the "safest" way to go. I have nothing done at the dealer (except Stage 1 reflash, didn't have equipment) because I trust myself more than them.

The warranty on your bike is generally not affected by adding a chrome trinket from another manufacturer. Adding an exhaust and breather removes those items from the MoCo's responsbility and can be slightly more complicated. The electrical system is still under warranty but a burned valve from too lean a condition would be subject to dispute. The rods, crank, clutch, etc. are marginally affected but reasonable people can determine what really caused failure. Small claims court always exists as a last resort but I never would recommend that.

Showing proper maintenance and upkeep (with receipts) will always be your best defense in getting a warranty claim settled. Doing the work yourself has no effect on warranty.
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Sure a dealership and its service department has the right to do business in whaterever pecking order they want. or with whom ever they want. But to refuse the job all to gather would seem to say that they don't value you as customer at any level. And why is that. Because they have more than they need. The trick is to find a shop that you can establish a long standing rapport of doing business togather. We being such a throw away society it is certainly becoming more and more difficult to do just that. So one and all, please expose those. The good and bad experiences of named dealerships here and there. Maybe someday we will make a difference and when you come to the dealership you won't have to cross your fingers.
Sorry for bringing warranty into it. Basically any service I do by myself, just document with reciepts and hope I don't make a mistake. Bringing in aftermarket parts to the dealership to install is alright, but the MOCO don't warranty those parts. However, will it break my warranty if failure can be proven to be the cause of the aftermarket equipment if the dealership does the instillation? If I purchase aftermarket products, get Joe sixpack bike shop to install them, which causes failure covered by warranty, the MOCO won't cover it because it wasn't installed by a dealership. Am I tracking so far?
Basically I don't want to be overcharged for aftermarket products that the dealership gets, but still getting them to install them, if I don't feel comfortable doing it myself.
A very good friend of mine is an auto mechanic. His point re: customers bringing in their own parts is - what is he installs their tires and there is a flat tire the next day, causing rim damage. Tire is trashed. Maybe it was a bum tire (perhaps the correct tire bought a long time ago, maybe a deective tire), who knows. Customer thinks maybe installed incorrectly, just wants someone to pay!! Place who sold tire says installed incorecctly (and they are out of state anyway).

His view is, he doesn't want to find out who is liable, so he won't install parts brought in except in unusual circumstances. Its too difficult to determine to everyone's satisfaction where the fault may lie.


He is talking tires of the same brand and style that the dealer sold. Now mind you I do GM auto repair, but if you want to bring your own part it is fine with me. I am in business to make money and for me installing your part pays me the same as if I got it from my own parts dept (even if they don't see it the same) or maybe even better since it has no parts warranty at all. Cathari, find another dealership!
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