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Tank lift for touring bikes

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Does anyone make a tank lift for touring bikes? I seen the one in the J&P catalog and it looks kinda lame, two flat straps. I was hoping that there was a more solid one available.

Anyone have any experience with a project like this?
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Thanks for the pic but I cant see it b'cuz I'm a non-paying type member. It would have to be hosted in an online image gallery and linked to.

Thanks tho, I may just fab one up at work.
I plan on adding some eye candy to the top of the motor and would like to see more of it. If I get a little more air circulation to the top end that would'nt be so bad either. :chopper:
Nice work, I intended to lift the rear of the tank a little too. I have a chrome neck cover on now that I may or may not be able to keep, no loss either way. I'll prop up the tank until I get the look I want and go from there.

Thanks a bunch.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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