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Tank Bag

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Anybody have the T-Bag Navigator? I have been looking for a way to display a paper map without digging it out of my riding clothes. Don't really want to use it while moving, just have it handy. I'm concerned about the magnets on the paint on the tank. Any experience?

Ride Safe.
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I would be very hesitant to get a tank back because of the chance of damage to the paint. I keep my map in sadlebag or jacket pocket.
If I'm on long trip I sometimes use a pocket notebook to keep track of fuel stops and highway exits. I'll clip it to the windshield bag where its easy to see.
I would be reluctant to have something moving across my tank too. I am assumeing magnets are covered by something. But still the underside will be moving. I suppose they put something soft with this in mind. But to me tank is the most noticible part of the bike.

Chances are would be fine, but I would be nervous.

I would try maybe putting in a bag or page liner used in binder,and running tywraps through something in the windsheild to hold it in place. Either or put it in a windsheild bag, you can get to them pretty quick.
tank bag user

I have magnetic tank bags for both my glides. I just completed a 3,000 mile tour in Australia and not a scratch on the bike from the bag. Thousands of biker use tank bags across the world. I cant say no-one has never gotten scratched paint on the tank because of the magnets. But I can say I only seem to hear Harley owners doing the worrying on most sites. Do you think an owner of a $ 20,000 BMW wants his tank scratched.

After I got my bag a few of my fellow riders liked the idea and bought their own. So far no complaints and no scratched paint.

http://stores.ebay.com/Moto-DirectUSA-com great store to purchase from. Five purchases and not a complaint. There are four or five sizes to select from. The main thing is to get one with what I call the bat wing magnet setup. Those lie on the tank over the glide and roadking chrome. The bags with out the bat wing don't fit very well on a Harley tank.


What I like is having all that stuff right there without having to go into the saddlebags. Everything from sunglasses to wallet is right there. Then you simply grab the bag and take it with you when you leave the bike behind and want all that stuff with you.

I honestly believe if you try one you'll never regret it.

PM me if you want more specifics on the sizes etc. And I don't work for these guys just love the product and service they provide
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I'm looking to get a tank bag for my '03 Ultra. I used one on my Gold Wing for years and years and no scratches or even a mar. Very handy with the map window.
Agree with the previous posts. I use one sometimes on my black FXD. Mine's a Joe Rocket brand and material that touches the paint is an artificial suede. It's soft and grips well.

I noticed very slight marks once after a w/e trip that I easily polished out with pre-wax/swirl remover stuff -- and the tank is perfect. I routinely use it and there are no problems - like a previous poster said - the BMW crowd is as picky as we are - and they use them.

In addition to the magnets, mine has a strap that connects to the bars - but the magnets work great. I ran it up to 90 just to see if they'd hold and they did just fine. Two features I really like are the clear map insert and being able to wear it as a small back pack, or just carry it.
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