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I bit the bullet and bought a new HD Tallboy seat for my Deluxe today. Yeah, doesn't look as nice as the stock, but boy, what a difference in terms of comfort. The stock seat is angled back and low; it put me in a slouch position, which becomes a real pain in the lower back after 30 min.

I've got to say, so far (45 min. ride, backroads and freeways) this seat does the trick. At high speed, I can sit with arms straight and the seat holds me in place at just the right spot. Extra height lets my knees stretch out a bit too (I'm 6 ft. tall) and overall, this position just feels right. No problem reaching the ground. And not to be overlooked, my wife loves the seat, too. Stock pillion pad is built for a malnourished child.

Prior to this, I tried a Mustang Vintage solo seat, which was very comfortable and pushed me back 2 in., but it was still too low. Mustang was kind enough to allow me to return to seat after a test ride.

I am going to dissassemble the stock seat over the winter and try rebuilding it (or find someone to) to improve the ergonomics for solo rides.
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