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Talk about a ripoff..........

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Well never take the price of a simple sealed wheel bearing for granted. I carefully planned the pricing and timing (so I thought) of getting my 9 spoke wheels chromed, new floating rotors, Lyndall pads and Metzeler tires ordered and shipped for my 04' Ultra. I didn't bother with shopping online for new bearings because I figured they aren't that expensive and I can just snag a couple pair at the dealer. Believe it or not HD wants 29.00 PER bearing! Over a 130.00 to replace all four. Jeezus! Errr.......I don't think so.

The HD bearing # is 9247 for front and rear. I crossed some over and found that Drag carries them and can be had through Dennis Kirk for 28.00 per pair. JP Cycles has them for 14.99 but was out of stock. But the absolute best buy was that I found them in Custom Chrome. I ran the number through the website from the good folks at MandM Cycles and it came up as a direct replacement for the HD #9247 and cost only 10.87 each!!

I guess the moral is don't even take the small stuff for granted. Shop around!
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Sometimes you get what you pay for. I would be inclined to check the manufacturer of the item or country of origin. Many times you can take an old bearing to a local industrial supply and have them cross it to an exact replacement. This can also yield a better quality bearing at a reasonable cost.
What Springer said. If you live in a Metro area there are usually some good bearing supply houses that will get you what you need for near wholesale.
The dealer is the first place I check, and the last place I purchase.
hey timbo if you get the bearing numbers i may be able to cross reference it with a couple different brands. I have a couple bearing # interchanges on my computer at work....I know its too late for you, but maybe we can save someone else money....l
Typical. I had a 1971 F/X that I had to replace the front bearings on in 1975 and I found that they used the same bearing as the rear alternator bearing on a GM. About $11.80 versus $2.89. New time, same old trick. Cross reference bearing number for sure.
Bearings are supposed to be at my door tomorrow. I will post the numbers off of them as soon as I get them.

I went to the HD dealer yesterday to get some new exhaust gaskets. No problem with that. So, I figure, I have the exhaust off, might as well flip the rear axle for ease of tire changing and flip out a hundy for a new skin. (While in the dealership I see a huge sign that says all in stock tires $99.95). wrong! The dealer doesn't stock a 150/80b16 Dunlop 401. NOT out of stock. They DO NOT stock it. This is not good. An OEM tire? So, out the door and one block away I stop in the Triumph/Kowasaki dealer. I stroll over to the tire rack and Damn! Here sits a Dunlop 401, 150/80b16 with Harley Davidson molded on the side wall. Yup, it's the real deal. Today I took in my rear wheel and had the Triumph dealer mount the new tire. The Triumph dealer said they stock all the rear Harley tires, because they SELL them.......Go Figure.
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