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System Relay 02 Glide

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What I thought was a fuel pump, ordered anyway, turned out to be the system relay. I guess after 21 years it finally failed. I'm going to replace all the relays while I'm at it. Question, the system relay is a 14v with diode. I have ordered one, as my local auto ships only have 12v ones that I don't believe have the diode. I understand the diode is for over voltage protection. Anyone running one of these, non diode,on their scoots?
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Super Glide, Wide Glide, Road Glide, Electra Glide?

If the mid controls in your avatar mean anything, it is a Super Glide.

Super Glides didn't get a fuel pump until 04, when they went injected. For 02, it was a starter relay. For 04 injected, it was a system relay. Different parts, but both had diodes.

The diode is required to avoid large back emf while the dc supply to relay coil is switched off. In absence of the diode, the switch controlling the relay supply will get damaged.

Be glad you don't have an injected Road Glide. They have four relays with diodes.
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Haahaa, no.. the avatar means nothing. 02 electraglide for sure. With relays with diodes.
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I installed a new relay today. To test it I cycled the run switch several times, maybe 6 or 7. On one occasion the fuel pump did not kick on. This happened with the previous relay except more frequently. I had a test light on the commenter opposite 86 and the test light would always come on even of the relay didn't. This I assumed would rule out anything coming into the run switch up to the connector on the relay. I have a thundermax tuner installed on this bike and sweating mad if it's the culprit. Next checking the fuel pump fuse and connections. Suggestions always welcome, directions enjoyed...
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