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2010 Harley Street Glide
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Anybody run this pipe? Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

I just picked up.a real nice used 2 into 1 from a friend that came with only 17 disks not 20. I am going to.replace the muffler packing for good measure and buy a six pack of disks and get the inside of the head pipe ceramic coated to help with heat.

My 2010 SG 96" is stock but I will be adding the SE air cleaner I have just as soon as I do the DK customs mod to gave it not vent into the air cleaner.

I want the exhaust to be not too much louder then my SE slip-on 2 into 1 with stock head pipe to be Hwy and stereo, Neighbour friendly.

Anyone running a similar setup? How many disks would you recommend to try to start with?

Thanks all


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