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Touring Windshield

There is a picture of the V-Rod Touring windshield in the H-D Parts & Accessories catalog.

Unless you are going to be doing a lot of freeway touring on your V-Rod, or you are extremely tall, I'd stick with the Super Sport windshield. The "Touring" windshield has a "CHiPs" look, that IMHO, detracts from the overall beauty of the bike.

I've had the Super Sport windshield for about two weeks now, and it seems to be pretty effective. I do find I need to lean forward a little when wearing a 3/4 helmet to prevent windblast going in my face at around 50 mph. With a full-face helmet I'm as comfortable as can be, although with the face shield down I find the V-Rod to be eerily quiet - virtually no engine noise, only wind noise noticeable above 40 mph.

Also, if you install the SS windshield yourself, make sure you have long metric (4,5,6 mm) Allen wrenches. Also, make sure you tighten the large Allen-head bolt that secures the base of the windshield bracket above the headlight securely. Mine came loose after a few miles, and I had to very carefully creep home. I decided to use a removable thread-lock (purple Loc-Tite) compound on this fastener. This is probably a big no-no, but I'd rather not worry about the windshield flying into my face at speed.
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