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Sunny, Dry, & 45*

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Finally got in a 50 mile ride:woohoo: ...wish I could have gotten an earlier start...didn't leave till around 2pm...
saw 1 other bike out
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There were a ton out here in Phoenix today! It was a beautiful day to ride! Clear skies, aboug 74 degrees when I headed out. Too bad I only did about 50 miles myself... :(
It was pretty rough here in Pensacola today. It only got up to about 68 degrees..:bleh: Put a new Metzeler on my Wideglide on Tuesday so went out and put about 100 miles on it between going to the Paradise Bar and Sandshaker Bar on the beach, then back to Fatboy's for a cold one. Then a few more miles and then to American Legion to eat some Chili from the cookoff before heading to the house. All in all just a really TOUGH day here in the panhandle for cruising. Come on Down!!!!
Semper Fi,
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I went out today for the first time in a while. About 48* here in NOVA. I saw 4 other bikes in my 60 mile cruze...
Today was great. 140 miles of good ridin'. Lots of bikes out today all over Maryland. I have never seen so many Softail Deluxes...nice bike.

This has been a good year so far here in eastern PA. Been out better than 50 % of the year.

75 miles on the 1st
50 miles on the 3rd
40 miles on the 6th
75 miles oin the 7th
100 miles today.

Weather actually looks good for riding to work all this week. Not looking forward to the wet season we will eventually get.
Yes, Yes

Mid-upper 40s here in Maryland. Put another 90 miles on today on back roads. 1/2 hour into the ride I passed the first bike on same road. Heritage going the other way. We both extended left arms from bars as we passed. Made me start to put together a quick poem (I will spare you all). But it felt good to see a kindred spirit.

Back to work tomorrow. Skip
Was crazy in Chattanooga today too....I saw 4 trikes today.
200 mile ride yesterday. 65 degrees. We don't winterize are bikes around here.:cheers:
Beautiful day here in South Jersey as well. 45 degrees and partly sunny. I got in 155 miles myself. Hope the rest of the winter is just as harsh as today!

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