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Sundowner pic (on bike)?

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Does anyone have a picture of a Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat for Touring Models on their bagger - I'd love to see a picture of it on the bike without the tour-pak (and preferably without a sissy bar, either)? I'm wondering how the 2-up Sundowner would look on my Ultra with a clean rear.

Much thanks. :cheers:
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Here's my '05 RK when I had the Sundowner on it. It was very comfy and well made and all, I just like Mustang seats better. I have a Mustang Touring seat on it now and I am set. -Frank
That seat looks cool. I need to change from the stock rk and am looking at possible choices. You like mustang?

I do not want butt problems on long rides any more.
Hey, thanks Frankencat - real nice looking bike, too.

A few questions, if you don't mind, just based on your experience:

Did you get the Mustang one-piece smooth touring or one-piece sport touring seat? How would you describe the positioning and ride on the Mustang as opposed to the Sundowner?

I'm looking to get something that's going to be real comfortable for 100+mile rides but that also looks good without the tour-pak. I like the looks overall of the Sundowner, but I'd be interested in seeing how the Mustang looks on your Road King and hearing your take on the ride.

Appreciate the pics you posted.
The Mustang I have is the one-peice studded touring seat. I also have the matching backrest which is really nice. This is the 4th Mustang touring seat I have had and they all have been great. I also had a Mustang sport touring seat on this bike and it was comfortable as well but it was not as comfortable as the full touring seat. The Sundowner is an improvement over the stock seat in terms of comfort and the Mustang is an improvement over the Sundowner. The Sundowner is like a big pillow, very soft and cushy which is great for an hour or maybe two but after that you are riding on the seat pan and your butt starts to hurt. The Mustang is much firmer and after a short break-in period it softens up in the right spots and you can sit on it all day without much of a problem. 500 miles is not a problem on the Mustang. As for looks it is totally subjective but I much prefer the look of the Mustang to the Sundowner. YMMV of course.

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Frankencat.....looks good......I'm about ready to order the seat so momma can ride in comfort..........

Tell me about the sissy bar...I assume it's Harley....which one? Is it quick detatch?

Also, how did you find riders position compared with stock?

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