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We just "winterized" the bike, new oil, top off and stabilize the fuel tank, cleaned it up, parked it in the shop. We called the insurance provider and took this vehicle off the rolls -- until next spring.

Ohhhhhhhh sure . . . I can ride in the fall / winter, but I don't enjoy it. It's cold, wet, nasty. Wind blows, streets are slick, and the cagers don't see you in the fog and winter grey.

But jeez . . . what a summer! First time I've ridden in Nevada, down through Bend, John Day Fossil Beds, Burns, Winnemucca to Reno, up to Crater Lake where an 18 yr old girl from Amsterdam insisted, "I have to be able to tell my friends I've kissed a REAL American biker on a Harley." :clap::clap::clap:

Warm weather, perfect days, meteor showers and stars though the skylight in the tent at night. On the road for daze, stopping at WiFi to update the FaceBook and check email.

Five days, four nights, end up at the Harley dealership for the 10K service on the bike.

Lots of pictures, even more fond memories -- my first long road trip on a bike.

And so now it's storming, blowing coastal rain outside, and I can live with that. Bike is snug in the shop, front fairing removed and we're looking at speakers . . . maybe the spoiler windscreen.

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