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Sturgis or the party in Milwaukee for 2003?

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If a person had to go to only one, what would be the better one to attend?
I have never been to Sturgis, nore have I ever been to Milwaukee. We do have rooms in Fond Du Loc for the big party but I could still cancel them if I had to. I do not have rooms for Sturgis though. What one do you think will have more people:eek:
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You live close enough, GO TO BOTH!:D Not being a smart ass, just offerring an idea. You'll not want to be at the 100th Party more than a few days. The Black Hills/Sturgis adventure can be a few days OR as many days as you like. Thus, plan to spend a few days in the Sturgis area (rooms are cheaper during the last half of the event) and a few days in Milwaukee. As close as you are, you won't blow out too much vacation time.

Now, if for some reason you can't go to both, then IMHO, memories of your Black Hills/Sturgis Rally adventure will stay with you longer than a company sponsored "show", albeit a very significant show.
You may not have noticed..

Sturgis happens pretty much every year.. Harley-Davidson Motor Company celebrates its 100th Anniversary only once.. and sad to say, even if you are still living when the company turns 200 in the year 2103; you'll probably not be in very good shape to enjoy it.
I think I would rather rent some kids and take em to WallyWorld in a station wagon. ( Personal Preference )
the big party in Milwaukee only hapens once and Sturgis is every year, and you are close so you may regret not going to Milwaukee for th 100th
I'm with JimmyK ... 'cept for one thing...don't rent kids - take mine for a week.

I take a lot of abuse over this, but I head the opposite direction from rallies if I can help it. Been to all of 'em but no more. If ya haven't been to either, do Milwaukee this yr and Sturgis some other time...it'll still be there... then once you've been there, done that, and have the T's to prove it, find some backwater towns and ride the countryside - leave the rallies for those who still need to buy shiny new leathers and feel a need to show off their new shiny scooters.
I don't spend all that time in the garage cleaning the bike for the people in cages to check out;)

As in the previous post, go for the 100th and then hit Sturgis the following year, but ya don't know what you are missing if you do not head down to BiktoberFest!:D
Okay Scheck, I'll bite. Where is BiketoberFest? I'm ignorant becuase I don't do rallies either, but anything that happens between %$#&* allergy season and %$#&* winter sounds cool to me. Where can I get more details?
It's Daytona Bike Week in the fall... about 20% of the crowd and growing. Always eraly October.

Daytona (& surrounding area), FL
This yr, Oct 12-Oct 20.
We're campin'@ Tomoka State Park, north of Daytona on US 1.
bear & distantstorm
Biketoberfest is a good time. But it is only a 3 day event.
This year it is Oct. 17th-20th.
I would go to Mil. for the 100th because it is a 1 time event and then do Sturgis during non rally time. I went to Sturgis this year in the begining of July and it was an awesome ride. They only problem we had was Deadwood was shut down due to the fires, but since there was no rally we had no problems with traffic riding Mt. Rushmore, Custer, Needles Hwy etc. I with Muthuh on the rally thing, do a few but other wise enjoy the ride.
I wil go to both, I went to Sturgis this year for the first time and can't wait to go back. The guys I went with have been going for 6-7 years and a guy I work with has been going to the same place outside Sturgis for 18 years. Its like a whole different world out in Sturgis I went out and got totally lost in the whole thing, I think thats why people go back year after year , I really did forget about everything for at least that one week I was out there. I ride back roads everyday to work and most weekends, the Sturgis things is a whole different animal, and may not be for everyone if you don't like crowds. saferiding rickpoco
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