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Sturgis Countdown

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Just for ur knowlegde for sturgis campfires.


Sadly, much of western South Dakota is suffering from drought conditions. Because of extreme fire danger, Governor Bill Janklow has banned open fires in all of western South Dakota. The Bureau of Land Management has issued a similar ban for Fall River, Pennington (Rapid City area), Lawrence (Spearfish, Lead, Deadwood) , Butte (Belle Fourche), Harding, Haakon, Meade (Sturgis), Perkins and Stanley counties. Campfires are also prohibited on the Wyoming side of the national forest.

Recently, the Meade County commission enacted an emergency resolution prohibiting fireworks and open burning. Unless a miracle happens and we get several inches of rain in the next couple of weeks, it's expected local fire authorities will prohibit campfires in the many local rally campgrounds. Stoves with a self contained fuel source (Coleman type stoves) and charcoal are expected to be allowed in approved areas.

Here's some advice. Don't get caught with an open campfire in the Black Hills National Forest. Your children will be senior citizens before you get out of the slammer. Seriously, we must all be very careful this year with any possible sources of fire.
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