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OK all you non-Sturgis-rallying people(me included)! Here we sit on the sidelines watching people depart for the biggest biker party of the year. I've always wanted to experience Sturgis but always seem to have other priorities. I've learned recently that if you want to enjoy the fun and exciting things in life, you have to MAKE them happen. I'm not going to be sitting in my rocking chair on the porch when I'm 90 years old regreting that I didn't experience some of these exciting things before I am too old or in too poor health to enjoy them. I'm going to do Sturgis 2003!. Get off of your bar stools guys and lets ride in 2003. We have a year to plan time off, finances, preparations, and details. I say DO IT!!!!!!!! Lets have a HDF party at the biggest bike partying rally in the world.

PS: if you need permission from your significent other, have them email Fifthgear. I'll clear you a path. LOL
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I've heard that this year's rally was a major headache as far as traffic and crowds. Even way into the hills. Wonder what this means for next year. Usually after a big year like this the next one is light, but with it being the 100th - who knows! What are everyone's plans as far as when you are going out and where is everyone staying?
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