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Well I've been browsing this forum a bit the past week or so, I figured it was time to formally introduce myself, and for those of you interested my story...

We'll start the story back in August of last year. My company transferred me from Indianapolis, IN to Cincinnati, OH. No biggy, as I've relocated in the past, good opportunity, more $$, etc...

Unfortunately with the more $$ comes more work. A lot more. I went from having 12 people reporting to me to about 24. As such, I'm finding that 10-12 hours a day, every day is pretty much the norm, and throw in a weekend day just to keep up.

Now I've always been a person that has done well under pressure, and some might say that I actually thrive upon it. When I've got little to do, I'm bored, but when I'm overloading I enjoy it. I know, sick isn't it...

Anyway, I'm of the school of thought that you work hard to play hard. And my play time was something that I always enjoyed to relieve stress. When I was in Indy, my stress reliever was the martial arts. I had been practicing a form of Okinawan Karate for over 5 years, and had obtained my second degree black belt. Needless to say, I wasn't interested in starting over in a new style here in Cincy, and after 9 months, I was going sort of crazy that all I was doing was working.

Meanwhile, during this time, my wife was commuting back and forth to Indy twice a week to finish her Black Belt degree. Something that she's been working on for 4 years. She had invested so much time into the art, that I had to encourage her to complete her training.

Anyway, after she completed her training and successfully passed her test, it is a tradition in my school to celebrate the accomplishment with a party. During the evening a good quantity of adult beverages were consumed, and the die-hard partiers we're all that was remaining about midnight. My Sensei was with the group of course. During conversation with him, he was more than happy to discuss his new Harley and his recent trip to Daytona for Bike Week.

Now, owning a motorcycle was something that I had always wanted when I was younger. Growing up I had a number of friends that owned bikes, and most of the time I was just a passenger, but had done some riding on my own as well. So needless to say, the conversation had me quite interested. After a while, my Sensei made the suggestion that I should get a bike, to which I replied, "My wife would never let me get one... Too dangerous... Too expensive... Not practical... Yadda, yadda, yadda." To my utter surprise she said, "If you want one, go ahead."

Still not believing her, on the way home to Cincy the next day, I asked her if she meant what she said. Her reply was, "You remembered that?" I told her that I wasn't as drunk as she thought. But she stuck to her guns, and said that If I wanted one it was cool with her.

Well that did it, and the search was on. I did a bit of research on bikes, talked to some of my friends that ride, and decided on a Sportster. Primarily for a couple of reasons. First, was the fact that if I was going to get a bike, I wanted a Harley. I figured that I'd be using the bike primarily to cruise around a bit, but I'm not planning on any major road trips. With a couple of young kids at home, it'll be a few years before that's practical. Second, I was a bit intimidated by the heavier bikes. Even the Sporty at close to 500 pounds was a bit intimidating as the biggest bike that I had ever ridden was a Honda 250. Third, was the cost. While I could afford a larger bike, the Sportster didn't hit the ole pocketbook nearly as hard as say a Fatboy would have.

So, I've had the bike for a couple of weeks now, and absolutely love it so far. I've logged just about 200 miles, mostly riding around the countryside and to and from work when the weather cooperates. It is such a thrill to hop on the Hog after work and ride for a hour. It definitely a great stress reliever for me.

Anyway, that's my story. As for my user name, I grew up in Detroit, and am a huge Red Wings fan. So I've been pretty pumped that they're making a solid run at another Cup this year.

I've enjoyed reading the posts on this forum so far. There's a lot of good advice to be found here, and good attitudes as well.

Ride Safe,


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Since you and yer missus are both black belts, why don't you start your own dojo?

Post a pic of that Sporty if you have one.


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Hey Wingnut. Congrats and welcome. Aside from the relocations and the work ethics, your story sounds like mine. I too chose a Sporty for it's ride, my inexperience and affordability. I got a fantastic deal on my Sporty. My wish list includes a Superglide Sport, but I'm not willing to spend the money right now.

Watch your mailbox. JimmyK has been real generous this week and if you get a big fat nothing, you can bet it was from him!:p

Again, welcome, enjoy the ride and post often.
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