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Stock tires on a 2003 Ultra Classic ?

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I will be getting my Ultra Classic in a month or two, I was just wondering what kind of miles I can think about getting out of the stock Dunlops, D402s. I will be having wide white wall tires put on the Ultra, like the ones that come on the Road King, before I take it home. Is 10,000 miles out of the question? My riding will be mostly two up, I will keep max. air in the tires. Thanks for any opinions on this:)
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Varies a lot but 12 to 13K on the rears is doable, at least twice that on the fronts maybe more if you don't change them every second rear.
Thank you HIPPO :cool: I had a 1988 Wing but for the love of me, I can't think what kind of miles I got out of them tires in 44,000 miles :confused: Do you think the Dunlop Elite IIs are a better tire than the stock Ultra tire? Mileage wise, I mean.
I was under the impression the D402 carried the EliteII as sort of a bull$hit secondary designation.
Local conditions like temperature and pavement type probably make more of a difference then tire brand as long as you stay with the good ones if riding style and weight stays the same.
We tend to get good mileage out of them as the roads here generally are exceptionally good and not as abrasive as in some other places.

The new highways are covered with some sort of covering that has old ground up tires mixed in, riding on this stuff is like riding on a cloud. They say that eventually all the highways in the state will be covered with it. Maybe our mileage will go up.
My new bike will only be driven on smooth roads;) :cool: My mileage will very, i'm sure :) I was allways a stickler on tire P.S.I. We just put tires on the wifes car today, she got 76,000 miles out of them and they were only rated at 50,000 mile tread life:p Again, thank you:)
My new bike will only be driven on smooth roads
:D, plans of mice and men.

Big difference between I10 in AZ, W TX, or CA.
Your tire milage will also vary greatly on how you ride it - hotdogging vs easy accelleration through the gears, and weather you down shift or not when stopping.
Markcuda said:
My new bike will only be driven on smooth roads;) :cool:
I said I would take better care of my new bike than the sybil.

that lasted until I went in the ditch in New Mexico and popped the new ones cherry!
Why not run the factory new tires on your Ultra and then go to the whitewalls after they wear out? I also thought I wanted the wide whitewall on mine, but now I am not too sure. There's LOTS of other stuff to spend money on a new Ultra, kinda like your wing was. Tires on your H-D probably will last about the same as your wing if you ride the same way. I was getting about 12K out of my wing tires, and it is a heavier bike.
I have 21K on my '01 FLHP and the front tire is original but getting a little thin. I had the rear tire replaced at 10K and again at 20K. One of the other guys on my squad got 3k on his rear tire. He got yelled at by the sergeant. Now he is up to 6k. Most LE's average 7.5k on the rear tire.
Chuck, the tires are going to be a even trade out. So all I will spend is two hours labor the service department said = $100. I just thought that the wide white walls would look kind of good:cool: I guess if I get 10,000 miles on the rear, I should feel good about that:)
Even trade out is good! That only leaves the problem of keeping it clean, but if you owned a Wing, you already know about that part. It should look good, post a pic when you get it.
I have a 00 Road King. I have 32k on the original front tire. I have been getting about 12.5k out of the backs. Here's the good part. One of the dealers in my are sells any HD tire, including engraved WWW, for $99.00. Can't beat that.
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