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stock pipe performance

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Are there any gains to be had if I cut the plugs ( round metal disk in the center of muffler pipes to direct air into baffles ) on a set of stock pipes, other than the sound? In the past I've always either gone with a totally different head pipe and mufflers or used slip on's. I've got a new jet and intake waiting for me to put them on an flht and was thinking I could install them and punch out the plugs in the mufflers until I get the dough for some slip ons.

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you can but they will sound weird imoi...I would go for it as a temporary fix only. save the dough as quick as you can. look in the clasifieds here, some good deals going on in there.....
i did this-----makes a weird spat spat spat sound. cut the core out and mimmicked the SE mufflers, then welded back together, much nicer sound and instantly went lean.
stock pipes

[hi there.i punch out my plugs my stock pipes and they sound like a harley know.
I punched out the backs of the baffles in my lowrider (when I had it). Just took the slip-on's off, slammed a steel pipe down in (1 1/2" I believe) until it punched them out. Sound improved a TON actually, although the performance didn't really change that I could tell.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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