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stock ecm vs. stage 1

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This is probably a stupid question. OK, 2002 Eglide, wild pigs slip-ons, big sucker, pc3r. Now when you go to powercomander website to get a map. Do I select stock ecm or stage 1 ecm for my map. Isnt it going to be a stage1 when its all said and done? Or is stage one ecm meaning 1550 motor. Im a little confused, please set the record for me.
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If you have a stock ECM then select that. If it has had a stage one download (from Harley) then you should select that. I believe more info on this is available on the Powercommander web site.
If you have never had a download/Flash from the dealer (usually around $150), then you have a stock ECM.

The flash also raises the rev limitor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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